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Two sevens clash 3a dread meets punk rockers reaction. Two sevens clash: dread meets punk rockers pictures. A real gem. Peace. Two sevens clash 3a dread meets punk rockers pdf. Two sevens clash: dread meets punk rockers lyrics. Two sevens clash: dread meets punk rockers 2016. Two sevens clash: dread meets punk rockers 2. Don Letts is seen in an undated handout image. The prolific DJ, filmmaker and musician, who has worked with artists as diverse as Bob Marley, Paul McCartney, The Jam and The Clash, remembers hearing a rumour at his school in London that "some band" was playing down the road later that day. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO-Raison d'Etre Media, MANDATORY CREDIT* MONTREAL – As first concerts go, its hard to top the one Don Letts saw in 1971. The prolific DJ, filmmaker and musician, who has worked with artists as diverse as Bob Marley, Paul McCartney, The Jam and The Clash, remembers hearing a rumour at his school in London that “some band” was playing down the road later that day. Letts, who was 14 at the time, walked into the venue and witnessed The Who doing a full production rehearsal — the equivalent of a live show. “So were talking dry ice, were talking lasers, were talking (Pete) Townsend doing the windmill, ” Letts says in an interview from London. “Im like 10 feet from the stage. I can see the whites of Keith Moons eyes. “Its the first gig I ever saw…At that moment, I knew I wanted to be part of that world. It changed my life forever, I tell you. It was a life-changing moment. ” Letts will be in Montreal for three events this week — a DJ set Wednesday night; the Canadian premiere of his latest film Thursday night; and a question-and answer session at a music festival Friday. The movie, “Two Sevens Clash: Dread Meets Punk Rockers, ” is an archive-based film that features The Sex Pistols, Big Youth, The Clash, Culture, The Slits and Linton Kwesi Johnson, among others. Letts says it was well-received when it came out last year. “It seemed to have struck a chord with a lot of people, ” he said. “Last year was the 40th anniversary of the U. K. punk movement and it got me looking through the archives to see what Ive got going here. “And I realized inadvertently that the very first material I ever shot, inspired by the whole punk DIY thing — I kind of picked up a camera and reinvented myself as Don Letts the filmmaker with this punk energy — and what Id shot, by pure chance, were the two things that were captivating me at that time, and that was punk and reggae. “My film looks at the myths and the reality of the punky reggae party but it does capture a very special time when two very different sounding genres of music kind of found some like-minded connection. ” Despite being primarily associated with reggae and punk, Letts isnt one for being pigeonholed. For more than 10 years, hes had a weekly show on BBC Radio where he gets free rein. “Its not just about peoples perceptions of Don Letts being just into reggae or just into punk, ” he said. “The BBC allow me to be all I can be. Its one of the most enjoyable things Ive ever done to be honest. “Labels are dangerous things, man. You give yourself a label and sometimes thats all you can be. And even at my tender age of 62, Id like to remain open to all the world has to offer. ” Letts parents moved to Britain from Jamaica as part of the so-called Windrush generation who arrived in the United Kingdom from Caribbean countries beginning in the late 1940s. The man who alongside ex-Clash guitarist Mick Jones was one of the five founding members of Big Audio Dynamite says he was good at art in school, but that his parents “tried to squash it. ” “From my mothers and fathers perspective, art was something white people did and not black people, and they couldnt see how I could make a living, ” he said. “So God bless them, they were just trying to look after their kid. “My generation came along and kind of rebelled against all that, informed by the militant politicized music of the times. ” The musical bug in the family didnt stop at Letts. His son Jet became a DJ and now works for a vinyl company, inspecting the quality of first pressings. “In London, the economy has had a massive impact on the quality of art out there, ” Letts said. “Basically, young people cant afford to be artistic, never mind rebellious. A lot of these people are living with their parents until theyre 30 and I think its hard to be a creative rebel if your mom is doing your washing-up. ” The exorbitant costs of living in London are also part of the reason the whirlwind Letts isnt going to be slowing down any time oon. “People say, ‘Oh dont you do a lot of things. And the truth is, living in London, you have to. This city is expensive. I have two teenage girls and you cant buy them a yo-yo anymore. And everything they want has a couple of zeros on the end. “Im just trying to pay the bills like everybody else. Its a hustle, a creative hustle but, I kid you not, a hustle nevertheless. ” Asked to name some highlights in his illustrious career, Letts mentions his first feature film, “Dancehall Queen”; The Clashs “Rock The Casbah” video, which he directed; and a documentary he did on McCartneys “New” album. “Not too shabby, ” he says.

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Two Sevens Clash: Dread Meets Punk rockeurs ont du coeur. Where can I see the whole documentary.

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Cant wait for this. Two sevens clash: dread meets punk rockers season. Two sevens clash 3a dread meets punk rockers remix. 12 customer reviews There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. HALL OF FAME TOP 50 REVIEWER 18 April 2019 Format: Audio CD Verified Purchase This is an excellent compilation, curated by Don Letts, that presents some of most atmospheric roots/dub reggae numbers from the period 1975-1977 that were very much a part of the punk/roots reggae crossover that broke big in 1978. Punk band like the Clash, The Slits, The Ruts, Stiff Little Fingers, The Police and many more were influenced by the deep, bassy sounds of dub and roots reggae. The music is dripping with nostalgia for anyone, like myself, who was around, attending gigs during that incredibly exciting period. The p. a. systems before punk gigs regularly played this material non-stop. Before your favourite punk band took to the stage, there would often have been half an hour or more of solid roots/dub reggae blasting out of the venues speakers. Then, of course, there was Notting Hill carnival - cans of cold Red Stripe, plates of curry goat with rice and peas and enormous sound systems pumping out Big Youth, U-Roy, King Tubby and Culture. It is a shame that the compilation couldn't be interspersed with some punky white reggae classics like The Clash's "Armagideon Time" or The Ruts' Jah Wars" but, then again, you can make a seriously good playlist yourself by doing just that, as I have. Otherwise, just play the sumptuous, ranking fare on offer here. TRACK LISTING 1. Bag A Wire Dub - King Tubby 2. Marcus Garvey - Big Youth 3. Fade Away - Junior Byles 4. M. P. L. A. Dub - Tappa Zukie 5. Black Harmony Killer - Jah Stitch 6. Fisherman - The Congos 7. Wear You To The Ball - U-Roy 8. Rush I Some Dub - Tappa Zukie 9. Pure Ranking - Horace Andy 10. I Need A Roof - The Mighty Diamonds 11. King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown - King Tubby & Augustus Pablo 12. Train To Zion - U Brown 13. Two Sevens Clash - Culture 14. Deuteronomy - Sylford Walker 15. Police And Thieves - Junior Murvin 16. The Tackro - Lee "Scratch" Perry & The Upsetters The stand out and well known classics on here are Junior Murvin's iconic "Police and Thieves" also covered by The Clash) Culture's crucial groove "Two Sevens Clash" King Tubby and Augustus Pablo's ground-breaking dub "King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown" and The Congos' melodic "Fisherman. There are also several examples of "toasting" the semi-spoken vocal accompaniment to a dubby beat in U-Roy's take on John Holt's "Wear You To The Ball" Jah Stitch's beautifully bassy "Black Harmony Killer" and U Brown's "Train To Zion. Dub is here with, amongst others, King Tubby's "Bag A Wire Dub" and Tappa Zukie's thumping "M. Dub. The same artist's "Rush I Some Dub" is a piledriving bassy dub too. Nice to hear the more melodious roots of The Mighty Diamonds' I Need A Roof. The sound is pretty good, but some of the tracks still have that crackling sound that they always had. That just seems to add to the atmosphere. You would almost think Letts put them on there deliberately, as they are not on other issues of "Two Sevens Clash" for example. Put this on, turn the bass up to full and imagine its 1978 again. 21 February 2013 Format: Audio CD Verified Purchase This is quite simply one of the best Reggae/Dub compilations I have ever bought. I have a number of these tracks on vinyl, bought at the time. They were the sort of tracks you would hear at a dancehall I used to go to in Dalston, Hackney during this period and beyond. It's turned my youngest son onto Reggae as well. Many of these types of compilation have tracks you skip through over-familiarity or because they are simply filler: not one track here meets those criteria. And, of course, Letts has credentials. Recommended without hesitation. 4 January 2015 Format: Audio CD Verified Purchase I bought this used copy for my hubby for Christmas and it took a while for me to find one on line. He is thrilled with it. I would recommend this to anyone who listens to late 70s reggae/dub music, it is exceptional. 4 December 2013 Format: Audio CD Verified Purchase Great tunes from a great DJ well recommended for anyone into reggae classics with a twist or dub sounds Great 18 July 2015 Format: Audio CD 1. 00 from the local charity shop for this slice of Old School Reggae. Takes me back to my punk days at The Roxy Club circa 1976 with DJ Don Letts (unsung hero of music) playing loud roots to a bunch of skinny punk's waiting to see Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Slits, Chelsea and all the other bands that played their. Worth it just for The Congoes, Jah Stitch, The Mighty Diamonds and Culture, pure class. 10 June 2007 Format: Audio CD Punk achieved a lot during its short thing it did for me was introduce me to reggae '78 when you went to a punk concert music was required while you got drunk waiting for the bands to of the bands had been signed, so actual punk records where scarce;so this meant the hippy engineers either put Bruce Springsteen on or someone with a bit more savvy filled the air with the rebel sounds of roots Letts was a dread who watched and filmed the whole phenomenom and included in this set is the selection of quality rhythms that he played in London at the time. Recognition should go to the late radio DJ John Peel who kept me up late waiting for a reggae record during his mainly punk punk turned to new wave and money became a factor for bands reggae stood proud as an art form that truly came from the British youths we could not relate to the poverty of the ghetto youths but we could relate to the fantastic music produced by these kids in Jamaica. This is a fantastic CD that captures the time so well, the joy of spiritual reggae which underpinned the frustration of poverty-the Brixton riots where around the corner and roots music was laying the foundation for a violent awakening. If you are mildly a fan of reggae music then buy this set as once you have listened to it you will be qualified to speak of roots with a solid knowledge of what it is. 17 July 2007 Format: Audio CD Don Letts is a bit of an unsung hero of the punk movement as he could probably be considered (along with John Peel and David Roddigan) as one of the people who switched the punks onto reggae. This excellent compilation goes some way to acknowledging this. The late 1970's saw something of a creative upsurge in Jamacia with the rastafarians providing a heady soundtrack mixing some genuinely innovative studio techniques, a rising consciousness of politcal and social anger, and a good old fashioned dose of apocalyptic religious peril. There is a massive body of music from this period that still has the ability to stun even today. Letts has selected a real mixed bag that neatly sums up the period mixing some extremely familar classics from the likes of Junior Murvin, King Tubby's "King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown" Culture, and the Congos with some lesser known gems. This leaves both a casual listener new to this and the more seasoned fan with something to enjoy. As most compilations of this type these days seem to focus on one label alone this is refreshing and pleasurable exception to that rule. It captures almost all the different aspects of the genre and gives a real sense of a very fertile time in Jamacian music. A treat, no more, no less. Would you like to see more reviews about this item.

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Two sevens clash 3a dread meets punk rockers lirik. Two sevens clash: dread meets punk rockers songs. Two sevens clash: dread meets punk rockers uptown. Edit Two Sevens Clash: Dread Meets Punk Rockers (2017) It looks like we don't have any Quotes for this title yet. Be the first to contribute! Just click the "Edit page" button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Quotes submission guide. See also Trivia, Goofs Crazy Credits Alternate Versions Connections Soundtracks Getting Started Contributor Zone  » Contribute to This Page. This is so good, one love. Two Sevens Clash: Dread Meets Punk rocker. Two sevens clash 3a dread meets punk rockers studio. Prophet Joseph. ❤️💛💚. Two sevens clash 3a dread meets punk rockers facebook.

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Trailer Directed by Pablo D'Ambrosi, Don Letts United Kingdom, 2017 Documentary 90 Synopsis A documentary directed by Pablo DAmbrosi and Don Letts. This film is not currently playing on MUBI but 30 other great films are. See whats now showing. Brilliant film. Brilliant footage.

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Two sevens clash: dread meets punk rockers for sale. Where would it be possible to see the whole documentary. Donde se puede comprar. where you can buy. Two Sevens Clash: Dread Meets Punk rockenseine. Two sevens clash: dread meets punk rockers game. Como se llama el reggae que se escucha. Two Sevens Clash: Dread Meets Punk rockeuse. My favourite song in this album, followed hot on the heels by Two Sevens Clash, Pirate Days, then, Black Starliner... Two sevens clash 3a dread meets punk rockers university. - This website is for sale! sailor venus Resources and Information. Two sevens clash: dread meets punk rockers video. Two sevens clash 3a dread meets punk rockers city. 0:32 GAYE ADVERT ? The Adverts bass, she is.

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Two sevens clash 3a dread meets punk rockers karaoke. Two sevens clash 3a dread meets punk rockers english. All torrents Anime Applications Games Movies Music TV shows Other Documentaries XXX. Two sevens clash: dread meets punk rockers album. Two sevens clash: dread meets punk rockers 2018. Don Letts ruins every 'punk' documentart that he is on by insisting it was closely aligned to reggae music, and was even influenced by it. Well, that may have been the case in London up to a point, but I can say that it did nothing of the sort in the north of England. 'Punk' gigs I attended in Manchester had no blacks in attendance, and I never heard anything influenced by reggae in the music of the Buzzcocks, Ramones, Skids, Adverts, Generation X and many more. Stop re-writing history Letts.

Two sevens clash 3a dread meets punk rockers channel. Two sevens clash (dread meets punk rockers. Two sevens clash 3a dread meets punk rockers forum. Reggae is about to be 'discovered by the Coachella. moneyed young white. crowd and we will see some big names drawn out of semi-retirement for a payday. Just my guess.

Two Sevens Clash: Dread Meets Punk rochers à la noix de coco. Don Letts It may be profoundly un-punk to describe a person by citing their professional resume, but its tough not to with a guy like Don Letts. Now 61 years of age, the pioneering figure of the U. K. s 70s anti-establishment movement famously introduced reggae music to the leather-and-chain set that populated Londons Roxy club as a DJ at the dawn of the punk movement, before the earliest punk bands had recorded music. Hes a respected filmmaker, documentarian and spokesperson for the subculture far and wide. Letts has hung out with the likes Bob Marley and Paul McCartney. He followed and filmed the Clash around the world, provided samples for ex-Clash guitarist Mick Joness subsequent band, Big Audio Dynamite, and made the underground Jamaican film classic Dancehall Queen. And he doesnt even play an instrument — not that that ever stopped a punk before. “Dig this, ” Letts offers, speaking by phone from his West London residence. “Im as old as rock n roll. “I was born in 1956, and Im what you call first-generation British-born black. So Id grown up with these kids, and the music youd hear coming through their walls or the clubs wasnt some alien, exotic thing, not unlike when the Beatles or the Stones or Zeppelin were listening to shit from the Mississippi Delta. They literally grew up with this stuff. People make a big deal out of the ‘Punky Reggae Party, but there was a propensity for white, working class kids to gravitate toward black music from the 60s onward. ” Mind you, when Bob Marley writes a song about your DJ aesthetic, it is a pretty big deal. And like another pre-punk rebel, Johnny Cash, Letts has been everywhere — except Montreal, where hes a guest of honour at this years edition of ‘77 Montreal. Letts will drop a DJ set, joining locals Poirier, Ghostbeard and Sugarface Belfo at le Belmont for a one-off indoor edition of the always-reggae-soaked Sud West on Wednesday, July 25. The following night, hell host the Canadian premiere of his 2017 doc Two Sevens Clash: Dread Meets Punk Rockers, at le Ministère. And during the days festivities at ‘77 Montreal on Friday, July 27, hell be present for a screening and Q&A session of another of his films, Punk Attitude. And to Letts and self-identifying punks around the world, an attitude — not a style or sound — is exactly what punk is and always has been. “The bigger idea is that punk is a living thing, ” Letts says. “Its not a dead thing to look back on, its something to look forward to. Its a birthright of young people. Its important to understand that this spirit, this attitude — and I aint talkin about mohawks and safety pins — has a lineage that goes back hundreds of years. Its important to push things forward. Turn problems into assets. “Before punk rock, in the early 70s, there was a movement here called skinhead, ” he continues. “And Ive got to clarify that what Im talking about is the fashion version, and not the fascist version that erupted later. The first skinhead movement was actually the first multicultural movement in this country. And their music of choice was reggae. It was massive, so much so that in 71, 72, there was a shitload of chart hits heavily driven by the purchasing power of skinheads. ” And as far as being a DJ, Letts (in the most DIY way possible) just fell into it, with his almost preternatural knack for being in the right place at the right time. “I just played what I liked, simple as that, which was reggae, ” Letts states. “Lucky for me, the punk rockers loved it. They kinda liked the fact that it was anti-establishment, and the musical reportage quality of the lyrics. They definitely liked the basslines, which you can hear later in bands like the Slits and the Clash. And its gotta be said, they didnt mind the weed, either. There was some serious cultural exchange going on at the Roxy. ” ■ Don Letts DJs at Sud West at le Belmont (4483 St-Laurent) on Wednesday July 25, 8:30 p. m., 16 – 20, 18+ Two Sevens Clash screens at le Ministère (4521 St-Laurent) on Thursday, July 26, 9:30 p. m., free, all ages Punk Attitude screens at 77 Montreal at Parc Jean-Drapeau  ( Î le Notre-Dame site) on Friday, July 27, 12–11 p. m., 70, all ages See an interview between two local female punk musicians playing 77 Montreal here.

Two sevens clash 3a dread meets punk rockers lyrics. Two sevens clash: dread meets punk rockers song. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Don Letts (born 10 January 1956) is a British film director and musician. He is credited as the man who through his DJing at clubs like The Roxy brought together punk and reggae music. Description above from the Wikipedia article Don Letts, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Don Letts (born 10 January 1956) is a British film director and musician. Description above from the Wikipedia article Don Letts, licensed under CC-BY-SA, full list of contributors on Wikipedia.

Two sevens clash: dread meets punk rockers videos. Two Sevens Clash: Dread Meets Punk. Two sevens clash: dread meets punk rockers band. You may not know his name, but you know Don Lettss pals and you know his work. Letts, a Londoner with Jamaican roots, was best mates with the guys in The Clash from the earliest days of the only band that mattered and he was also good friends with Bob Marley, who was living in London during the early days of punk rock in the second half of the ‘70s. Letts directed most of The Clash music videos, including London Calling, Rock the Casbah and Should I Stay or Should I Go? He also directed the video for Marleys classic hit One Love. He made the Grammy Award-winning documentary on The Clash, Westway to the World. He was a founding member of the 1980s band Big Audio Dynamite (BAD) a groundbreaking outfit that mixed up soul, hip hop and reggae. So, yeah, hes one cool guy and for the past 40 years, he has been all about building bridges between punk and reggae culture, which is why its a total natural that he has been invited here as part of the second edition of 77 Montreal, the punk festival taking place July 27 at Parc Jean-Drapeau. The lineup also includes Rise Against, Suicidal Tendencies, AFI and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Letts will be doing a DJ set at the Belmont Wednesday, July 25, and on July 26 he will be presenting the Canadian première of his latest film, Two Sevens Clash: Dread Meets Punk Rockers, as part of the Fantasia Festival. Then on July 27, he will be at 77 Montreal to host a screening there of his 2004 film, Punk Attitude. The theme of much of his work was perfectly captured in Marleys 1977 single Punky Reggae Party, and in a recent phone interview from his home in London, Letts underlines his role in the creation of that song. “I knew Bob fairly well, ” Letts said. “One day, I went round to his house wearing bondage trousers (punk pants attached together at the knee) and he looks at me and hes laughing at me. He says, ‘What the hell, Don! You look like one of those nasty punk rockers. Because hed been reading the tabloid press whod painted a very negative portrayal of what punk was about. They said it was about negativity and nihilism, which it never was. It was about empowerment, freedom and individuality. Bob Marley is taking the piss out of my bondage trousers and I said ‘Look, Bob, youve got it all wrong. These are my mates and theyre like-minded rebels. And he basically told me to get the hell out of there. I left with my tail between my legs. But three or four months later, he was somewhat better informed and was moved to write the song Punky Reggae Party. So I got the last laugh. ” The film Two Sevens Clash is all about Lettss own punky reggae party. “When the 40 th anniversary of punk happened (in 2016) I started to look through my archives, stuff that Id shot back in the day, ” Letts said. “Im pointing the camera at things that are turning me on and I realized there were only two things going on here, punk and reggae. Its a bit of a mystery. Thats what the film is really looking at, the myth and the reality of the punky reggae party. ” Letts was right there at ground zero of British punk in 1976, and when punks congregated at the first club The Roxy, they needed a DJ and that was Lettss first break. But there were no punk records at the time, so Letts decided to play his favourite reggae records, which is how the punks developed their fondness for dub-heavy Jamaican reggae. “In attitude and spirit, they were both anti-establishment, ” Letts said. “Theyre both using music to get their point across. You have to understand that reggae was Jamaicas punk rock. Created by people who didnt know how to do all the fancy Eric Clapton stuff. They didnt have access to fancy studios and a lot of great equipment. A lot of the best dubs are done between two four-track machines. So theyre using what they got to get what they need. Totally punk rock. Theyre turning their problems into anthems. Punk rock. ” Don Letts is part of a DJ evening at Le Belmont (4483 St. Laurent Blvd. on Wednesday, July 25 at 9 p. m. along with Ghostbeard, Ghislaine Poirier a. k. a. “Sud-West” and Sugarface Belfo. Two Sevens Clash: Dream Meets Punk Rockers screens at Le Ministère (4521 St. Thursday, July 26 at 10 p. The film Punk Attitude screens at 77 Montreal at 1 p. Friday, July 27, followed by a Q&A with the director.   Related.

Don Letts reputation has been firmly established in the film and music world by a substantial body of work from the late 70's and well into the millennium. He came to notoriety as the DJ that single handedly turned a whole generation of punks onto reggae in 1977. Using the punk D. I. Y ethic he made his first film going on to direct over 400 music videos for a diverse range of artists from The Clash to Bob Marley. In the mid-eighties he formed the group Big Audio Dynamite with Mick Jones (ex-Clash. He directed the hit Jamaican film ‘Dancehall Queen and films for Gil Scott-Heron, Sun Ra, George Clinton, Lee ‘Scratch Perry and The Clashs ‘Westway To The World for which he won a Grammy in 2003. Don continues to make films and d. js globally. In 2007 Don released his autobiography: ‘Culture Clash: Dread Meets Punk Rockers and Headgears film are currently finishing a film on the man himself.

Two Sevens Clash: Dread Meets Punk rochers. Saint Joseph. Two sevens clash 3a dread meets punk rockers pictures. Two sevens clash: dread meets punk rockers 2017. Shout it and tell them culture. The Two Sevens Clash documentary by the living legend that is Grammy winner Don Letts is a most welcome addition to the story of reggae. Most stalwarts of the genre know that the British reception to the rhythm in the 1960s and 70s was central to its eventual worldwide success. Hence, this cleverly constructed compilation charts the unlikely transition of frustrated punk rockers in the 1970s – as their genre and its message had run its course - to rebellious reggae. Letts was way ahead of his time in the 1970s. A black boy born to strict immigrant working class parents opening a fashion shop on the celebrated Kings Road, Chelsea, whilst sticking a Super 8 mm. camera in the face of punks leading protagonists takes some neck. Lucky for us that he did. This (all too short) 50 minute documentary offers rare original footage of luminaries like Culture, The Congos, Linton Kwesi Johnson and Big Youth. There are also glimpses of a host of others, as they try to sell their wares to Richard Branson s new reggae label. Branson was visiting Jamaica at the time with Letts and one John Rotten of the recently defunct Sex Pistols - whos to be seen on camera experimenting with an authentic Jamaican hookah pipe! There are also rare clips of punk rocks ‘royalty, with The Pistols, The Clash, Siouxsie and The Banshees, The Damned, The Jam and   The Buzzcocks performing at the Roxy in London,  where the enterprising Letts had by then secured a DJ residency. Even the youthful Shane McGowan – later to find immortality with The Pogues and the Fairytale of New York  classic – shows up three times in the documentary. Whilst Letts rare footage is central to the documentarys story, his considered narration tells of a crucial era for the then new genre that we now call reggae. Starting with the plight of his parents ‘wind rush generation that were imported from Jamaica to rebuild post-Second World War Britain, the tale moves to the Notting Hill carnival (and its riots) before effectively capturing the merge of disaffected black and white youth in its confrontation with the forces of  authority. This mix of the punks on speed with the Rastas on weed was an unlikely but enduring alliance, eventually securing Bob Marley s imprimatur via ‘Punky Reggae Party. Prior to his well-received DJ input, at the recent showing of this documentary in Ireland Letts also regaled his audience via a ‘Question and Answer session. This spanned stories from his role as a dealer to Marley s herbal requirements – when Marley was based (post-assassination attempt) in London town - to Marley s (initial) disdain for punk rock, to his extraordinary capacity to ‘out reason (and ‘out smoke) all and sundry at late night\early morning sessions. Well done Mr. Letts. This film is a very worthwhile produce. Thank goodness you had the foresight and the hard neck to stick your camera in other peoples faces.


Why does Letts always say the confluence of punk and reggae seemed bizarre. When I went down the Roxy for the first time. to see X-Ray Spex. I was delighted and happily familiar with the sounds you were playing. Seemed like the most natural thing in the world. Nobody I knew thought there was anything bizarre about it.
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